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Biography Laurent Bergers

Executive Producer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Laurent Bergers grew up in Saint-Tropez and started to work as a DJ in various clubs in town. 


He discovered his passion for film during his military service in the French Navy in 1986.

He decided to manage the TV room in his free time and for two years served as the ship’s cameraman and editor on missions around the world.


After a short course at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the USA, he received a prize for Best Short Film at the Newark Film Festival in 1988.


Before long a French producer GUY JOB asked him to move to Paris, and Laurent Bergers’ career as Chief Editor and Cameraman was launched. During the early 90’s, he worked on many prime time shows for major French television channels such as TF1 and France 2 (including fashion awards with supermodels Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, and the first cooking show with Michelin star chef Joël Robuchon).


In 1995 he founded his production company "Pulp Production", enabling him to be both executive producer and director.

He collaborated on many projects with Universal Music for music videos and music recordings (Summer Stage Festival in Central Park, Marc Lavoine at l’Olympia…)


In 2001, he produced and directed "Crazy Horse" the first show captured in high-definition in France, based on the world of the famous Parisian Cabaret. (Sony used the trailer to promote HD across the world.)


As a pioneer in high definition, he directed many prestigious music recordings such as “The Little Prince”, “The Moulin Rouge Cabaret” in Paris, or the musical “Julietta e Romeo” inside the Colosseum in Rome.

In 2004 he directed and was executive producer of the project “Songs” with Riccardo Cocciante, creator of the musical "Notre Dame de Paris". To this day it remains the most ambitious musical production ever undertaken in Europe, with 17 HD cameras and 4000 extras.


Since 2006 he has directed about twenty documentaries for television on subjects as diverse as cars, spies in the Second World War, or the story of the Millennium novels by Stieg Larsson.


In 2009 he met the designer Christopher Guy for whom he produced more than 100 videos around the world. 

With 30 years of experience in the film industry and his passion for new technologies, Laurent Bergers is currently working on several projects using VR, AI and 3D techniques.

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